Work Samples

Due to nondisclosure agreements, Text on Fire™ is contractually obligated to uphold confidentiality with many of our clients. However, below you will find a couple recent public projects.

If you would like other examples, please contact us directly. 

Featured Project

Mosquito Squad Franchises

Founded in 2005, Mosquito Squad is the original home mosquito control company. Guaranteeing nearly 90% fewer mosquitoes for up to three weeks at a time, they remain the most trusted name in mosquito (and tick) control. Today, Mosquito Squad has over 200 locations, spanning three countries, and continues to be one of the fastest growing franchises in the world.

In 2018, Text on Fire became solely responsible for the content and organic SEO for nearly a dozen Mosquito Squad locations in the United States. By doing competitive assessment, auditing existing SEO, and either creating new or rewriting existing content, these locations gained substantial Google page one rankings in their respective markets, many dominating Top 5 position placement.

To view the live sites, head on over to Mosquito Squad of Augusta, Florence-Sumter & Spartanburg-Greenwood, Greater Charleston, Springfield-Decatur, Myrtle Beach, New Hampshire Lakes Region, Savannah-Hilton Head, Southeastern Nassau, or Wilmington.

We also provided ad hoc content creation for Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts, North Shore, and Chester & Delaware Counties.

Featured Project

Conserva irrigation

Conserva Irrigation is the only irrigation company founded with the sole purpose of conserving water. Conserva utilizes the latest in conservation technology and design to help clients reduce their landscape irrigation water use by up to 60% – all the while promoting a healthy, green and lush landscape. 

Text on Fire was tapped to write some cool copy for this hot, fast-growing franchise. While not comprehensive, we created much of the content for the corporate sites of locations in Lexington, the Twin Cities, Richmond, and Southwest Florida.

In addition, we further expanded the online presence of select Conserva locations by writing supplemental blog posts on Smart Irrigation Twin Cities, Smart Irrigation Raleigh, Smart Irrigation Florida, and for Conserva Irrigation of North Houston

Text on Fire looks forward to creating additional content for this franchise as they continue to expand while developing and implementing new technologies in the field of irrigation and water conservation. 

Stacy has been writing content for me for about a year now.  I came on board needing some serious help with content writing to help with my organic presence on Google, which was practically non-existent.  The transformation over this past year has been night and day.  She also had the challenge of writing the same topic, but for two different locations I have.  She found creative ways to tweak the content and wording, yet delivering a consistent message.

Brent Tatum

Owner, Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

“The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness.”

Henry David Thoreau

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