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You know what you want to say, but just not the right way to say it. You need to get your message across clearly, concisely, and land yourself at the top of Google search results. You need some copy to sell your products and/or services and it’s gotta be memorable. It’s gotta be hot.

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Text on Fire

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Are you content with your content, or do you feel like it could be so much more?

Our dynamic approach to creating the most effective brand messaging and compelling copy for your biz isn’t what you’d expect. We don’t just write superfluous fluff around chosen keyword phrases to get your website to the top of Google search results. Text on Fire helps you and your business find its voice, the most appropriate tone to market your company, and create an overall brand imprint. Not just online, but on all marketing touch points. From white papers to press releases, from taglines to text . . . It’s gotta be so hot it’s on fire.

What you get with Text on Fire


Professionalism without the B.S.

Yes, it is possible. We’ve spent enough time in the corporate world to do business like grownups and skip all the mind games, red tape, and committees within committees about committees. We know B.S. when we see it and that’s just not our style.  Plus, you won’t get any meaningless gobbledygook in our products or services. We’re straightforward, human, and know our clients are, too.



No newbies to writing or the web here. Our founder was blogging before the term “blog” was even born, first published in a magazine when she was eleven, and has an extensive background writing for many formats, online and off. A proven track record advising companies of all sizes — small businesses to Fortune 500 companies — in digital strategy, analytics, and branding rounds out Text on Fire™ as not-your-average copywriting service. Great writing matters, yes, but writing with experience and insight of the industry matters more. 


It’s important to keep trade secrets, financial information, policies, procedures, stakeholders, and more under wraps. Text on Fire™ is aware of the sensitivity of such information and operates under strict nondisclosure agreements with many clients, past and present. We’ve seen firsthand what can happen if the wrong information gets leaked by an untrustworthy party, and that’s not cool.  


Transparency and Results

You can’t measure success if you’re not sure how to define what it means for you. In your first consultation with Text on Fire™ we’ll discuss your overall goals and identify key performance indicators (KPIs). Then, we develop and implement the right strategy with appropriate messages for your business. You may want to climb the ranks of organic search results on Google, generate leads from an email marketing campaign, obtain donations to a cause, or something else entirely. Not only will you see results, we’ll show you how we got there, which is just as important. No hocus-pocus here.

And of course. . .


Stacy has been writing content for me for about a year now.  I came on board needing some serious help with content writing to help with my organic presence on Google, which was practically non-existent.  The transformation over this past year has been night and day.  She also had the challenge of writing the same topic, but for two different locations I have.  She found creative ways to tweak the content and wording, yet delivering a consistent message.

Brent Tatum

Owner, Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

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