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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do social media?

No. It is imperative to understand that “social media” is not a verb. It is an ever-changing collection of tools that are used as a means to deliver messages and/or interact with an individual’s or a brand’s online “audience” or target market.

A decade ago, “social media marketing” was considered a separate discipline from traditional marketing and/or public relations. However, today such terms are redundant. From digital to “real world,” things are now seamless, as they should be.

That said, Text on Fire™ does not, and will not, post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for you. As a consulting company with over 20 years experience in the digital realm (in “social media marketing,” analytics, and otherwise), we can confidently attest that while tools may change over time, the basic underlying principles of marketing and public relations remain the same. Therefore, we consult on how to best harness the current atmosphere of your market online and off, and can guide you and your business on the best way to successfully deliver your messages, regardless of the latest shiny new tools.

Why aren’t your prices listed on the website?

While initial consultation is always free, pricing is contingent on a client’s individual needs. Text on Fire™ is not a cookie-cutter copywriting company by any means. You’ll never see anything like “we’ll rewrite three pages of your website for $___.” A turn-key, “packaged” approach like that limits our scope and narrows your opportunities to benefit from our services.

Every company’s needs differ from the next. After the initial exploratory consultation, you’ll be presented with a proposal containing at least two options to choose from with appropriate quotes for services. Work is done both by retainer and by project, whichever works best for the situation.

Have you really worked with all those brands whose logos appear on your website?

Yes. Text on Fire™ may not have written content or copy for every brand that appears here, but we have worked on other digital projects in some aspect. Some were analytics-based digital strategy consulting, some were content strategy, others were content and copywriting. Many were a combination of the aforementioned.

Is Text on Fire™ just one person?

Yes and no. Stacy Lukasavitz Steele is the founder and principal of the Text on Fire™, however she has a strategic partnership with many niche-specific digital marketing agencies, plus a network of talented associates available for supplemental ad hoc copywriting support. While her experience spans many industries, she knows her strengths and weaknesses. If your niche is not something with which she is comfortable and/or confident, one of her associates more familiar with your industry will assist you. Each individual contractor is thoroughly vetted to the highest standards of writing and professionalism.

Do you design websites?

Yes. While not a primary service offered, Text on Fire™ has over 25 years of experience designing, developing, hosting, and supporting WordPress-powered websites (including this one). Contact us for more information and links to examples of our work.

Why do I keep seeing the trademark sign (™) after the name?

Text on Fire™ (née Text on Fire Communications™) is a registered trademark, therefore it is not to be infringed upon, nor appropriated.

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