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Text on Fire is a robust copywriting & digital consulting firm that helps small businesses, agencies, associations, and even large corporations develop and deliver the right messages to the right people, increasing visibility through the appropriate media. Our goal is to create enticing copy that engages the customer, converts to sales, and leaves a lasting impression.

Stacy Lukasavitz Steele

Stacy Lukasavitz Steele is Principal Flamekeeper of Text on Fire Communications™. She has been working in the digital sphere for over twenty years in various capacities as a digital strategist, analyst, researcher, writer, publicist, and consultant. Starting with small businesses, nonprofits, and member organizations, today she has a proven track record on making strategic, data-driven recommendations to Fortune 500 companies’ online marketing/PR initiatives based on website and user behavior analytics, social conversion monitoring and measurement, and emerging technology trends. Past client work includes Proctor & Gamble, Chevrolet, Whirlpool Corporation, Underwriters Laboratories, and Volkswagen.

However, Lukasavitz Steele’s first love is the written word. First published in a magazine at eleven years of age, this natural wordsmith’s skills have taken many forms, including journalism, music critique, feature writing, speech writing, advertising copywriting, SEO copywriting, script writing, and more. In the 1990s, she began self-publishing her thoughts on the internet on websites she taught herself to code from scratch. Technology evolved, the terms “blog” and “blogging” were coined, the internet exploded in popularity, and so did two of her blogs, both of which she has since retired. (Yes, she was blogging before the term “blog” was born, and that makes her feel old.)

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan – Flint in both Organizational Communication and Interpersonal Communication with a minor in psychology. She also is a member of the inaugural graduating class of Kettering University‘s Kauffman FastTrac® New Venture™ Entrepreneurship Program, administered by the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development CenterToday, Lukasavitz Steele enjoys running Text on Fire Communications™, practicing mixed martial arts (MMA), and plotting world domination.

Word on the street is. . . 

Stacy knows her practice inside out, upside down, and she won’t cut corners. SEO is an art and a science. But at the end of the day, the content needs to be readable and worth reading. She takes all aspects into account, writing compelling copy that achieves high search engine placement. SEO is a marathon. It requires systematically building while recognizing and remembering what was previously published. It requires a keen attention to keyword frequency and penetration among a number of other factors. Stacy’s copy achieves results. 
Robin Steele (no relation)

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We've worked with clients of all stripes and industries, like:

  • Automotive

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Coffee

  • Construction

  • Dental

  • Extermination

  • Furniture

  • Irrigation

  • Martial Arts

  • Music

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Real Estate

  • Social Media/Technology

  • Sports

This list is by no means exhaustive. No matter your industry's flavor, we can spice it up!

Past Client Work Includes:

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

Arnold H. Glasgow

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