Alice in Chains feature on Shutter 16

No, I haven’t updated this blog in a while. But unlike my past couple-few (that’s a word where I come from) blogs, I’m not going to make apologies about that kind of thing. In fact, I’ve got something in the works that addresses just that — blogs, blogging, whether it’s still relevant, and whether the old/conventional blogging wisdom still rings true. But that’s in the hopper, to come whenever I finish it and feel like posting it. 

This is a post to make a couple of announcements. Most of the writing I do is without a byline because it’s content for companies or other people to use. But I’m writing with a byline in a couple of places again, so I thought I’d let you know where to look for me. (There will be more in the future.)

‘Zines are back, baby!

First, I’m honored to say that I was approached by the fabulous Kiki L’Italien and asked to be a contributing columnist to the new Association Chat ‘zine, which will be making its debut in the next month. It will be in good old-fashioned print and also have an online component to it. My background is more in chambers of commerce than associations, per se, but that apparently doesn’t matter. Still member organizations. But even if I didn’t have that background, it’s not a prerequisite for being a writer for the ‘zine. Kiki seems to think I have some words worth contributing, so I’m more than happy to be a part of such an exciting new project.

Dusting off the old music journalist hat

Screenshot of Cowboy Junkies show feature

What seems like a million years ago, I was a music journalist. I wrote a lot about music before the internet really took off, then when the internet as we know it was still rather nascent, and then off and on since then. I never had Rolling Stone aspirations or anything, it was just something I enjoyed doing. 

Writing about music is something I have always loved, and I missed it terribly. Recently I had the opportunity to join the staff of Shutter 16 Magazine, which is (as they state on their site) a “. . . collaboration of many enthusiastic and dedicated music journalists with a passion for the lens or written word.”  My first two stories have already been featured — the most recent being a review of the recent Alice in Chains concert at the Eagles Ballroom here in Milwaukee, and my first being a review of the Cowboy Junkies show at Turner Hall, complete with an on-the-fly video interview of vocalist Margo Timmins.  

I am a writer, not a photographer, but thankfully I have two other members of the Milwaukee team who are photographers and their amazing work is featured along with my writing in these articles. Brooke Billick was my photographer for Cowboy Junkies, and Lee Ann Flynn took the shots for Alice in Chains. I look forward to covering more shows with them in the future. 

That said, I know there’s no way I can find all of the music-related things I wrote from way back in the day, but I was able to find a few things I had saved in .xml files from old blogs and elsewhere I contributed, so I threw them up on a music archives subdomain, just for posterity’s sake. Peruse at your leisure, but know that there are a ton of broken/outdated links, missing photos, etc. that I’m not even going to bother fixing because that takes more time and effort than I care to put in. 

More updates to come in the near future. Life happens, death happens, you reel it in, you take a breath, and you keep on keepin’ on.